CRASH COFFIN – Crash Coffin (LP, RE Missing Vinyl 1974, 2009)



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«The self-titled debut album by this Ohio based songwriter was released privately on the Mus-i-Col label in 1970 backed by a full band. All copies that exist have unique sleeves made by Crash himself. The actual finished sleeves he claimed were destroyed by fire, but he likes a tale to tell! Truth is, the cost of producing finished sleeves proved to be too expensive! Reviews claim the music to be rural acid psychedelia. Well maybe… really, he’s a living history of American popular music! It’s easy to hear how much he admires Elvis. Several of the songs, particularly the tender ballad ‘Lilly,’ show the King is an influence, but there’s also Dylan too, with his humorous take on the issues of the time. Women’s Liberation, space travel, and religion all get the ‘Crash’ treatment, with the confident support of rock ‘n’roll, blues, country and jug band styles. Each of the ten tracks exhibit a fine grasp of song craft, are very musical, and certainly entertaining listening. The man himself remains an enigma.»

Lista de Títulos
Masochist Blues
Amazon Women
God Loves The Loser
Alone Together
Freedom Cake
The Swing
The Loony Polka
Blue Kazoo