FROLIC FROTH – Eponymous (CD Smogless 1997)

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This Mexican three-piece group (Guitar-keyboards, bass & drums) plays a paroxysmal, dehumanized, dark rock with oppressive and anguished progressions ala HELDON with a heavy tempo. The tormented, burning, strident sounds of the wild, powerful guitar creates a dark tension, a feeling of fever and bad vibrations. Between the more violent HELDON, LOCH NESS for the aggressivity of the guitars, and the current KING CRIMSON.Songs / Tracks Listing1. U.F.O.L.O.G.Y. (22:34)2. Loop Us (6:17)3. Moonmole (10:29)Total Time: 39:20Line-up / Musicians- Jorge Beltrán / guitar, keyboards- Victor Basurto / bass, electronics- Arturo López / drums

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