GARYBALDI – Astrolabio (LP,GF,RE Vinyl Magic 1973,2020)



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The origins of the Genoese group Garybaldi date back to 1965, when guitarist Pier Niccolò «Bambi» Fossati, together with Maurizio Cassinelli (drums), Angelo Traverso (bass) and Marco Zoccheddu (guitar), founded Gleemen, and released an eponymous LP in 1970: an excellent album, still tied to the typical ’60s sounds, with hints of Bambi Fossati’s hendrix-esque guitar style.
In 1971 the band changed their name to Garybaldi and the following year they released the legendary «Nuda», an album in which the typical sounds of progressive rock was mixed with Fossati’s tyipical ‘guitarism’, giving birth to a unique and very important work in the Italian prog scene.
1973 sees the release of «Astrolabio», a very particular record made up of two long pieces, one for each side, with a lot of space left for improvisation. Another unique work that closes the first phase of the band’s history, who would continue their music activities in alternate phases up to the present day.
180gr. clear red vinyl reissue.

Side A:
Madre di cose perdute
Side B: