PAUL MARTIN – It Happened (LP,CO,RE Out-Sider 2016)



Peso 250 g



*Grabaciones 1966-67.

A1 It Happened 2:07
A2 It’s A Long Time ‘Til The End 2:21
A3 Echo 2:19
A4 I Have Got That Feelin’ 2:24
A5 You Don’t Seem To Understand 2:18
A6 Without Your Love 2:13
A7 More Than Me 2:16
A8 What Good Is Your Love 2:14
A9 This Is The End 3:09
B1 The Last Remains Of Our Love 2:16
B2 You Were There 2:39
B3 All That’s Left 2:07
B4 Yours Is The Life 2:40
B5 How Many Tears Must I Cry 2:15
B6 I Want You 2:20
B7 The Girl Tomorrow Killed 2:21
B8 The Fairy Princess 2:27