TEAR GAS – Piggy Go Getter (LP, GF, RE Trading Places 1970, 2020)


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Tear Gas, the Scottish rock outfit, released a pair of albums in the early ’70s that vividly highlighted their talents for guitar-based rock. Though the band kept up a rigorous touring schedule, it only really paid off once a few band members joined with Alex Harvey as The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

Lista de Títulos
Lost Awakening 3:10
Your Woman’s Gone And Left You 2:25
Night Girl 5:40
Nothing Can Change Your Mind 3:35
Living For Today 3:00
Big House 3:30
Mirrors Of Sorrow 2:55
Look What Else Is Happening 6:00
I’m Fallin’ Far Behind 2:55
Witches Come Today 3:10