VVAA – Daze Öf The Undergröund (A Tribute Tö Hawkwind) (3xLP,CO Black Widow 2003)


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3xLP Box Set.

A1 Tim Blake Spirit Of The Age 6:53
A2 Litmus (2) Paradox 6:49
A3 Amorphis Levitation 5:53
A4 Spacehead The Right Stuff 5:57
B1 Northwinds Images/Ejection 6:02
B2 Bedouin Sword Of The East 5:37
B3 The Black (5) Farenheit 451 4:10
B4 Acid King Motorhead 5:22
B5 The Meads Of Asphodel Utopia 4:20
C1 ST37* Orgone Accumulator 6:09
C2 Silver Machine Silver Machine 5:18
C3 The Murkins Psi Power 5:16
C4 Quarkspace Quark, Strangeness And Charm 4:19
C5 OverMars (3) Magnu 5:56
D1 Beggars Farm We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago 5:40
D2 Darxtar The Watcher 5:42
D3 Alpha Omega (2) Reefer Madness 5:57
D4 Marshan Hurry On Sundown 4:11
D5 Jet Jaguar (4) Lord Of Light 6:05
E1 Simon House Hall Of The Mountain Grill 4:23
E3 Brainstorm (16) Masters Of The Universe 5:05
E4 Farflung Robot 5:24
E5 Spirits Burning High Rise 5:56
E6 Huw Lloyd Langton Band* Moonglum 5:31
F1 Universal Totem Orchestra Alien (I Am) 7:22
F2 Circle Don’t Understand 5:09
F3 Sigh (2) Psychedelic Warlords 5:39
F4 Acidmothers Temple* You Know You’re Only Dreaming 7:42