ACHE – De Homine Urbano (LP,GF,RE Lucky Pigs 1970,2011)


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Danish progressive rock band that played a widely spaced and rather psychedelic variation of this style. Their last efforts tend to intricate pop rock with progressive elements. All members of Ache joined forces again as the session band Finn Olafsson Band on the 1983 album Vælg Selv
Lista de Títulos
De Homine Urbano (19:01)
A1a Overture
A1b Soldier Theme
A1c Ballarina Theme
A1d Pas De Deux
A1e Ogre Theme
A1f Awakening
A1g The Dance Of The Demons
A1h Pas De Trois
A1i The Last Attempt
A1j Finale
B Little Things 18:37