CORNUCOPIA – Full Horn (LP,GF,RE ICON 1973,2018)


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German complex rock and fusion band, with a big sound, outrageous songs in Zappa-esque manner and dense musical textures comparable to Amon Düül II, close to Nine Days Wonder, Gnidrolog and Grobschnitt, with an instrumental flair recalling Thirsty Moon.
Lista de Títulos
Day Of A Day-Dream Believer (19:50)
A1a Humanoid Robot Show
A1b Hope – Part One
A1c Disillusion
A1d Hope – Part Two
A1e Death Of A Clown
A1f D-Daily Rewiew
A1g Night, Night – Mankind’s Motor-Dream
A1h The Sound Of National Caughing
B1 Morning Sun (Version 127) 3:07
B2 Spots On You, Kids 12:37
B3 And The Madness… 4:05