COSMOS FACTORY – An Old Castle Of Transylvania (LP, GF, RE Absinthe 1973,2017)



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Japanese progressive rock band. The group was originally formed by keyboardist Tsutomu Izumi in 1968 in Nagoya, under the name The Silencer. They changed their name to Cosmos Factory in 1973 when they released their debut album. The group split up following the release of their fourth album in 1977.

Lista de TítulosOcultar Créditos
A1 Soundtrack 1984 3:20
A2 Maybe 5:54
A3 Soft Focus 3:39
A4 Fantastic Mirror 4:27
A5 Poltergeist
Violin – Misao
An Old Castle Of Transylvania (18:40)
B1 (i) Forest Of The Death
B2 (ii) The Cursed
B3 (iii) Darkness Of The World
B4 (iv) An Old Castle Of Transylvania