CRAVINKEL – Garden Of Loneliness (LP, RE Long Hair 1971, 2014)


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With their second album, Cravinkel left the realm of British rock–blues music and instead turned towards a sweeping psychedelic and progressive sound. In 1971 the band, now with a new drummer (Günther Thoenes, formerly of Sphinx Tush, who also cut a bunch of exploitation Hendrix tribute–LP’s as The Live Experience Band) recorded the album ’Garden Of Loneliness’. This is an excellent work with colourful hippie imagery, acid folk flashes, and many other psychedelic and progressive elements.

The album starts with the 10–minute piece ’Sitting in the Forest», showing in many passages that Cravinkel’s roots are in the genre of folk–rock. Varying vocals, regularly drifting into the terrain of blues music, accompanied by several guitar tracks and subtle drums create tension and draw the audience’s attention. Title song «Garden of Loneliness», also roughly 10 minutes long, is much diversified and has constant tempi changes. «Stoned», on the album’s B–side, is a true music epic of more than 20 minutes duration.

Set pieces characteristic of the post flower and hippie era of the time were incorporated into an overall concept, that allowed for many musical freedoms, displaying a substantial and independent musical potential, much to the joy not just of lovers of psychedelics. Album was remastered from the original master tapes and comes with real great big poster, lyrics and band history.

Lista de Títulos
A1 Sitting In A Forest 10:17
A2 Garden Of Loneliness 7:48
B Stoned 20:29