CREEPY JOHN THOMAS – Creepy John Thomas (LP, RE Soundvision 1969,2011)



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Australian born guitarist. Played with Edgar Broughton Band. Called himself sometime Creepy John Thomas (album released in 1969) and used also stage name Johnny Driver (late 70’s in Berlin). Was songwriting member of Australian band The Flies. Collaborated with Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox.

Lista de Títulos
A1 Gut Runs Great Stone
A2 (Do I Figure) In Your Life
A3 You’ve Got To Hide
A4 One Way Track Blues
A5 Trippin Like A Dog And Rockin Like A Bitch
A6 Ride A Rainbow
B1 Green Eyed Lady
B2 Sun And Woman
B3 Lay It On Me
B4 Bring Back The Love
B5 Moon And Eyes Song