CULPEPER’S ORCHARD – Culpeper’s Orchard (LP, GF, RE Polydor 1971,2019)


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Danish group formed late 1969 by Cy Nicklin and Nils Henriksen. First live performance January 30th 1970 with Michael Friis and Rodger Barker.
Mid 70s, after their third album, the group had trouble getting release contracts, – but still played live at various events (Roskilde Festival 1974, 1976, 1977 and 1978).
Their fourth album from 1976 was self-financed, released under the shorter group name Culpeper and showed a change in musical style.

Lista de Títulos
Banjocul 0:45
Mountain Music Part 1 6:22
Hey You People 1:25
Teaparty For An Orchard 6:10
Ode To Resistance 5:55
Your Song And Mine 5:31
Gideon’s Trap 5:40
Blue Day’s Morning 2:08
Mountain Music Part 2 7:23

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