DR COSMO’S TAPE LAB – Beyond the Silver Sea (LP Sugarbush Records 2015)



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A1 Something Else… (Narration Link) 0:53
A2 City And The Stars 2:39
A3 The Silver Sea (Narration Link) 0:31
A4 In Lieu Of Something Better 3:40
A5 The Sense Factory (Narration Link) 0:53
A6 The Mirrors Reflection 3:03
A7 The Underworld Surgery (Narration Link) 0:43
A8 Face Of Another 3:03
A9 Tricity (Narration Link) 0:44
A10 Time Enough For Love 3:07
B1 Omni-Reality (Narration Link) 0:55
B2 The Painted Birds 2:21
B3 The Bulcera Brothers (Narration Link) 0:47
B4 Pie, Mash & Liquor 1:50
B5 Torn Out Of Time (Narration Link) 1:06
B6 The Storehouse Of Fools 2:52
B7 Ever Changing Structure (Narration Link) 1:00
B8 Dr Chester’s Pleasure 2:00
B9 Universe Of Infinite Nonsense (Narration Link) 0:52
B10 The Stars My Destination 3:50
B11 Unconscious Timeless Suspension (Narration Link) 0:40
B12 The Long Sleep 2:48
B13 Space Dream 1:16
B14 Beyond The Silver Sea 1:59