ELLISON – Ellison (LP,RE Guerssen 1971,2016)



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Blastin’ underground hard-rock from Canada, 1971. Ultra raw guitars and lots of attitude. Think Black Sabbath and Elias Hulk!!

Ellison were formed in Montreal in late 1967 by Vincent Marandola, Richard Arcand, Robert Cager and Christian Tremblay. The band started playing quite frequently in and around Montreal, and actually played a few other gigs in Quebec. They recorded their one and only LP in 1971, originally released on Trans-World Records. Here’s a welcome reissue of this rare and sought-after album.

Newly remastered sound

Insert with liner notes and photos

LP housed in an old-school-style tip-on sleeve.

“…They come across as cavemen with big amps, which of course isn’t a bad thing within a heavy rock framework…One of the best hard rock LPs from anywhere in the world…” – Clark Faville

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