EMILIO E A TRIBO DO RUM – Emilio e a Tribo do Rum (LP Groovie 2016)


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They played rock’n’roll like nobody else in Portugal during the middle 80’s. Played all around in the country, mixing blues, rockabilly and punk rock. For 3 years they planted the seeds of what would come next, influencing tons of other bands and musicians around, and left a long legacy till today. Formed in 1985 in Lisbon they start their wild and primitive rock’n’roll adventure in 1986 with the complete formation, making a legion of fans all around Portugal.

In this LP we collected all the studio recordings, released only in a limited tape edition in 86, and some live recordings also. Dont matter if you like rock n roll, indie, punk, rap, hip-hop, soul or some other shitty kind of music, you will die to have a copy of this gemm, you gonna dance after midnight with the werewolves!!!!

A1 Guilhotina
A2 Rock Das Caveiras
A3 Sempre Em Pé
A4 Mesa Do Pirata
A5 Crimes Sexuais
A6 Cagativo
A7 Blue
A8 Vida Minha
B1 Rixa
B2 Pernas
B3 Elvis
B4 Cadillac Eldorado
B5 Lobisomem Apaixonado
B6 Ronron O Gato
B7 One Of These Days
B8 Louie Louie