ERKIN KORAY – 2 (LP,RE Survival Research 1976,2020)


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Koray has been in the Turkish rock music scene since the late 1950s. He is widely acclaimed as being the first person to ever play rock and roll in Turkey; in 1957, he and his band gained fame by playing covers of Elvis Presley and Fats Domino. He was also one of the first Turkish musicians to embrace the electric guitar and modern amplification. In addition to his own compositions, he rearranged multiple well known Turkish folk songs. By combining Western and Eastern musical styles, Koray pioneered in the development of Turkish rock music genre and Anatolian rock sound
Lista de Títulos
Şaşkın 4:29
Eyvah 3:03
Fesuphanallah 3:37
Sevince 5:18
Estarabim 5:19
Arap Saçı 3:47
Hayat Bir Teselli 5:21
Komşu Kızı 4:04
Gönül Salıncağı 4:08
Tımbıllı 3:55