FAR EAST FAMILY BAND – Far Out (LP, GF, RE Rabbit Hall 1973,2016)


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Founded in Japan in 1972 (initially as «FAR OUT») – Disbanded in 1978

This is a legendary Japanese band, the first line-up included the known synthesizer player KITARO. The FAR EAST FAMILY BAND released a lot of records in the Seventies and Eighties, they sound quite unique (an Eastern sound) with echoes from PINK FLOYD.

The first album «The Cave Down To Earth» from ’74 is mostly recommended, it has a spacey and slight psychdelic sound (like early PINK FLOYD) and contains ethnic elements which gives the music an original twist. Another fine album is «Nipponjin» (’75) with a keyboard version of FAR OUT’s «Nihonjin» (FAR OUT was the precursor of FEFB). It’s in the vein of the debut-album, the climates ranges from bombastic to more mellow. The album «Parallel World» was produced by the famous electronic pioneer KLAUS SCHULZE.
Lista de Títulos
A1 Too Many People 17:55
B1 Nihonjin 16:37