GC NERI (GIORGIO CESARE) – Logos (LP Bloodrock Records 2008)


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Album de debut del genovés G.C. Neri. Compuesto como una suerte de album conceptual que refleja una suerte de viaje espiritual del artista de la mano de las bandas que más le han influenciado: Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Le Orme o PFM.

Logos is the debut album of G.C.Neri from Genoa; it was composed as a concept album and portrays the spiritual travel of the artist who also played all the instruments but the drums performed by Roberto Margliano.
It’s a fascinating spiritual travel planned by G.C. Neri, an artist who has always believed that music is the last voice from the divine, a message capable to gift some relief to our poor souls which sublimates itself as a sort of sonic prayer.
Logos is also a tribute to the roots which moulded the artistic shaping of G.C. Neri, to those artists that helped him to become what he is now, from Led Zeppelin’s hard blues to the romanticism of Genesis, from the symphonic attitude of ELP and Yes to the nervy rhythms of King Crimson, from the melodies of Le Orme, PFM and Osanna to the psychedelic tunes of Gong. At last Logos wants to be a path through tradition, the will to feel and create music according to the aesthetic and the sounds of the Seventies.

A1 Intro 2:25
A2 Id & Trad 4:38
A3 Alleanza 4:03
A4 Seconda Navigazione 1:33
A5 Addio 0:59
A6 Le Braccia E Le Ali 6:04
A7 Guerra 1:22
A8 Gonidus 7 ( A ) 4:35
B1 Gonidus 7 ( B ) 6:20
B2 Tuona Il Cannone 7:02
B3 Per Tutti E Per Nessuno 1:13
B4 L’Ultima Danza 9:18
B5 Sipario 3:06