GENTLE BRENT – Just Dandy (LP You Are The Cosmos 2017)


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After a couple albums under his own name and as the Pinecones, Brent Randall of Toronto is now using the moniker Gentle Brent, but he’s still playing many of the instruments on his own (with help from a few friends here and there). A little less orchestral this time around, Brent is leaning more toward jangly powerpop territory – think Harry Nilsson or Paul McCartney meets the Heavy Blinkers, Flashing Lights or even Jigsaw’s own Michael Knight. This album has friendly, bouncy AM-styled hits galore, and with eleven of ’em in under half an hour, you’ll find lots of wonderful vocal harmonies and the catchiest songs you’ve heard in a while!

A01 Tea & Butter Tarts
A02 Lollipop Girl
A03 Never Wanna Make You Cry
A04 The Lonely One
A05 Coney Island Girl
B01 By My Side
B02 There’s A Girl
B03 A Twinkle Of Your Eye
B04 Ooh, You’ll Believe In Love
B05 No Foolin’
B06 At The Bazaar

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