GRANICUS – Granicus (LP, RE Bluesprings Inc. 1973,2016)



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Granicus was an American hard rock band formed in 1969 in Cleveland.[1] After performing in clubs in Cleveland, and then playing before label bosses, the band were then later signed by RCA Records on March 15, 1973 and released their eponymous debut album in the same year.[2] The band later opened for such performers as Bob Seger, Cactus and Spirit to promote that first record, which has since been critically acclaimed in some classic rock circles. Soon after, though, the group disbanded, feeling unsupported by their label and being deserted by their manager. Most of the group later reunited, some 25 plus years later, after finding their first record pirated and selling in Europe. In 2009, they released Thieves, Liars and Traitors on an independent label in 2010.[3] from a collection of unreleased material recorded in 1974. A third record, Better Days, has also since been released independently. The group was known for their mix of heavy blues rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock and heavy metal.[4][5]

Lista de Títulos
You’re In America 4:09
Bad Talk 2:35
Twilight 3:18
Prayer 11:02
Cleveland, Ohio 3:24
Nightmare 8:15
When You’re Movin’ 3:11
Paradise 7:09