HIGHSPEED V, THE – Demented R&B (LP Groovie 2014)


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Although they existed for only a year, the Highspeed V made enough of a mark on Stockholm’s pioneering neo-garage scene for their name and music to live on several decades later. Along with the Livingstones and the Wylde Mammoths the Highspeed V were a local ‘second wave’ outfit, forming in the Spring 1986 as a combination of experienced players and newcomers to the garage punk circuit.

Bass-player/vocalist Jens Lindberg and harmonica cat Henrik Orrje both came from the notorious Crimson Shadows, a first-wave group whose story and recordings can be found on a recent Groovie Records sampler. ‘Crimson’ (as they were known locally) folded in March ’86 after two outstanding 45s and a series of alcohol-fuelled concerts, the last of which ended with a band member getting beaten up by the police.

To us young fans, Crimson’s falling apart seemed a serious blow to the whole scene, but we were happy to soon learn otherwise. During the preceding year the Stockholm underground had spawned numerous young moptops who lived by Pebbles anthems and Back From The Grave 3-chord grunge, and who patterned their look on Sunset Strip ’66 rather than the familiar British mod style. In such a thriving milieu the split-up of the great Crimson Shadows became a mere bump in the road, as new bands and new horizons emerged.

This LP brings all the HIGHSPEED V recordings along with some unreleased demos. A insert with rare photos, full story of Stockolm neo-garage scene and family tree by Patrick Lundborg, Author of The Acid Archives and Psychedelia books

A1 Baby
A2 Sally
A3 A Party At The Beach (Live)
A4 French Blues
A5 Is It True
A6 I Will Make It
B1 Bye Bye Baby
B2 I Dont Mind
B3 She Should Be Like Me (Demo Version From 1986 W/Keyboard)
B4 You Treat Me Bad
B5 Star Will Start To Shine
B6 She Should Be Like Me
B7 You Treat Me Bad (Live)