ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS – The Illinois Speed Press (LP, GF, RE Lucky Pigs 1969,2013)



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Illinois Speed Press was a Chicago-spawned band whose sound combined elements of R&B and country music in a powerful double-lead-guitar attack. It was enough to turn them into stars in Chicago, get them a contract with a major label, and a move to Los Angeles, paving the way for longtime careers for their two guitarists. Though the Illinois Speed Press was a late-’60s phenomenon in Chicago, their roots went back a full decade, traceable to a late-’50s band called «the Capitols» (no relation to the soul outfit of that name), who played local high school functions and the YMCA.

Lista de Títulos
Get In The Wind
Hard Luck Story
Here Today
Pay The Price
P.N.S. (When You Come Around)
Be A Woman
Sky Song
Free Ride