ITHACA – A Game For All You Know (LP,RE Trading Places 1973,2021)



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Formed in East Sussex, UK as a one-off project in 1973
Around the late 60’s/early 70’s, this English folk-prog trio released four similar albums under four different band names: ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, TOMORROW COME SOME DAY, AGINCOURT and finally ITHACA. ITHACA’s music is a combination of pastoral folk rock, psychedelia and progressive rock with gentle male/female vocal interplay. Their style is dreamy, very laid back and flows in a breezy, unassuming fashion. Lee Menelaus in particular, the female vocalist, projects a sweet (very sweet) serene tone yet not at all sappy.
The self-produced «A Game for All Who Know», released in 1973, bears the lighter shades of both West Coast and British psychedelia, with the occasional Mellotron showing a marked early 70’s MOODY BLUES influence. The album is made up of six longish tracks of beautiful interwoven songs with quasi-mystical lyrics; these may be a little lightweight in their naïveté but the tunes are melodious and tastefully produced, featuring mainly mandolin, flutes, recorders, classical guitar and autoharp plus some nice tape experiments of added sounds.

Lista de Títulos
Journey (Destruction – Rebirth – Patterns Of Life) 4:56
Questions (Did You Know – Will We Be Alive) 4:03
Times (Seven Seasons – The Path – Given Time) 8:19
Feelings (Look Around – I Want To Feel You) 5:32
Dreams (Story Of Our Time – Beneath This Sky) 2:58
Journey II (A Game For All Who Know) 7:06