JOHN BUNYAN’S PROGRESSIVE PILGRIMS – Apricot Brandy and Albatross (LP,RE Alshire 1969)


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Fuzz-psyxpoitation dede California, originalmente publicado en Alshire, el sello de Animated Egg entre otros, y dicen los rumores que grabado por el grupo de xian rock Wilson-McKinley. Buena mezcla de psych y heavy psych!
Reissue of another great late ’60s fuzz-psyxploitation LP and a truly awesome relict from the 60s. Originally on the California-based Alshire label (also Electric Firebirds, Animated Egg). Rumours exist that this album was actually recorded by X-ian rockers Wilson-McKinley, but we can neither admit nor deny this. Nevertheless, baring in mind that the band’s name was borrowed from a book that describes a search for God, things tend to make sense. Apart from this, the music is awesome, raw and psychedelic and a great mix of heavy psych incl. Apricot Brandy and Summertime Blues etc plus similar sounding originals incl Mozart’s Dilemma”, “Spaced Out” and “Winter Draws On”, full of fuzz guitar solos and screaming organs. Comes with original full coloured cover and labels