MESSER CHUPS – Spooky Hook (LP Trash Wax 2016)



Peso 235 g



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The very latest slab of beautiful vinyl from MESSER CHUPS….on Trash Wax.

A1 Gotham City 2:23
A2 Fast Food Diablo 2:24
A3 Rock It 3:06
A4 Doctor Spook 2:22
A5 They Call Me Zombie 3:05
A6 Ghost Party 2:09
A7 Billy Bond 2:29
A8 Horns And Hooves 2:32
B1 Dead Cat On The Line 2:09
B2 Tomb Sweet Tomb 3:06
B3 Munster Theme 2:05
B4 Cheap Holidays On The Moon 2:14
B5 Ghost Hop 2:04
B6 Cryptobilly Tales 2:19
B7 Curse Of Stephen Kong 2:34
B8 The Prowler 2:01