MONKS – Black Time (LP, RE International 1966)


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Monks are a garage rock band, formed by American GIs, based in Germany in the mid to late 1960s. They reunited in 1999.

They were modeled in 1965 by ex art students and promoters Karl-Heinz Remy and Walther Niemann from the existing band The 5 Torquays into what is today seen as an early, casted, concept band.

Lista de Títulos
Monk Time 2:45
Shut Up 3:10
Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice 1:25
Higgle-Dy – Piggle-Dy 2:30
I Hate You 3:25
Oh, How To Do Now 3:15
Complication 2:33
We Do Wie Du 2:12
Drunken Maria 1:45
Love Came Tumblin’ Down 2:30
Blast Off! 2:15
That’s My Girl 2:25