MOUZAKIS – Magic Tube (LP, RE Survival Research 1971,2019)


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A garage rock power trio out of Delaware, Mouzakis was anchored by the powerful drumming and lead vocals of Eddie Stevenson and the organ playing of Fred Dawson. The pair began working together in the mid-’60s in the band the Fabulous Pharaohs, who were managed by Eddie’s father Lee Stevenson and released a handful of 45s on Lee’s regional Three Star label. The Pharaohs morphed into Mouzakis, and Stevenson and Dawson, along with a series of guitarists, built Mouzakis into a strong draw on the Delaware and Maryland club circuit. The group released one LP, Magic Tube, with British Main, a small Philadelphia label, in 1971. In time Mouzakis further evolved into the band Capone, but Stevenson and Dawson eventually disbanded their musical partnership in the mid-’80s. Gear Fab Records reissued Magic Tube on CD in 2007 as Magic Tube Plus 14, adding in the Fabulous Pharaohs singles as bonus tracks. Dawson continued to gig in the Delaware region with his band Club Fred.

Lista de Títulos
Magic Tube 7:03
Rock Around The Clock 2:28
White Horse (Rev. 6-2) 2:25
Love Everyday 3:55
Long Haired Bombardier 4:02
Party Ball 2:14
Lady 5:33
Both Do Fine 2:51