MURPHY BLEND – First Loss (LP, RE Missing Vinyl 1970, 2009)



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Early 1970s German rock group from Berlin who changed into Hanuman and then Lied Des Teufels.

Strangely named after a pipe tobacco, Murphy Blend were quite a mystery. They were also a rarity in early German rock as they combined the psychedelic Krautrock sound with heavy rock, blues and classical music. Their music had hints of early Jane and Pell Mell but apart from that, they had a unique style with a strongly accented vocalist, topical lyrics and heady instrumentals that heavily

Lista de Títulos
At First 4:32
Speed Is Coming Back 5:58
Past Has Gone 7:30
Präludium / Use Your Feet 5:32
First Loss 7:44
Funny Guys 3:38
Happiness 0:03