NEW INSPIRATION – New Inspiration (LP, RE MFSE 1972,2018)


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Sixties pop and rock group from Ghent (Belgium), originally founded as The Black Fellows. The band (whose original line-up also included Daniel Provo and Gilbert Remue) revolved around frontman Danny Sinclair, who was the only constant band member up until 1970 when he departed for a solo career. Manager Jack Verdonck decided to relaunch the band, this time centered around Eddy Vanderlinden and guitarist Guido Wolfaert. Over a short period of time the group still had many personnel changes and eventually disbanded in 1972. Over a period of five years the New Inspiration released five albums and scored numerous hits, becoming one of the most successful Belgian pop groups of its time. In 1986 members from the many different line-ups joined for a reunion.

Lista de Títulos
Come Let’s Sing Us Hallelujah
Intro For Linda
Ode To Linda
Bottle Of Whisky
Song For Everybody
Intro From Chicago
From Chicago To L.A.
When You’re Gone
Die In Ordinary Way


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