PANNA FREDDA – Uno (LP,GF,RE Vinyl Magic 1971,2015)


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Yet another Italian prog-rock meteor, yet another concept album… yet another masterpiece!
Considering that the album was released at the end of 1971, while it was probably already ready for release the previous year, one can only imagine what could have been of Panna Fredda if everything had gone as planned. In 1970 the band had already perfectly assimilated the sounds of the newborn UK progressive, and had made them their own in a solid album, exciting and enthralling from its first to its last note, anticipating everyone who would then enjoy deserved success in the Italian prog panorama and beyond (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, PFM, Le Orme…).
Not to be missed for any reason at all! «Uno» is here reissued in a version faithful to the incredibly rare original LP from 1971.
Red vinyl edition with two bonus tracks!


Side A:
1.La paura (Fear)
2.Un Re senza reame (A King Without a Throne)
3.Un uomo (A Man)

Side B:
4.Scacco al Re Lot (Checkmate for King Lot)
5.Il vento, la luna e pulcini blu (Sole Rosso) (With the Wind and the Moon and Little Blue Chicks)

Bonus tracks:
7.Delirio (Frenzy)
8.Strisce Rosse (Red Stripes)