PI CORP – Let Them Eat Pi (Musik Spontano Electrik) (LP,RE,GF Almakarma 1973,2010)



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Pi Corp, with their bent for space rock and German cosmic music, were an anomaly in Cleveland’s proto-punk underground rock scene of the mid-’70s. From Hawkwind-esque psychedelic workouts to more dreamy keyboard-oriented ambience of early Tangerine Dream, though slightly more lo-fi. A couple of longer tracks, «LSD1» and «Space War» in particular, combine driving rock, tape experimentation, and a wildly inventive flare. Some of the short tracks like «Shiit» and «Organ Over Easy» offer brief soundtracks that seem like they could go on longer. The material was mostly improvised, except for two composed pieces, «Together» and «Just Another Song.» Unfortunately, these are the weakest tracks on the album, as they come off as lame mid-’70s hard rock, a couple of losers on an otherwise great album.
(Rolf Semprebon)

Contains the entire LP release «Lost In The Cosmic Void» plus 3 Bonus Tracks
Digitized from the master 4-Track reel-to-reel tapes created at Earthman Enterprises & Pi Corp Studios in Cleveland Ohio, USA 1973-76

A1 Let Them Eat Pi 4:25
A2 Introid / The Dirge 1:08
A3 Drumola 3:17
A4 Together 6:17
A5 Devil Weed 5:09
A6 Just Another Song 5:23
B1 LSD1 9:08
B2 Space War 6:41
B3 Shiit 1:54
B4 Telerama Boogie 2:07
B5 Organ Over Easy 1:18
B6 Organic 2:03
B7 Hash Market 4:14