PINTURA ROJA – Pinceladas Musicales (LP,GF,RE,Red Magnetica 1985,2019)


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Chicha peruana de 1984, increíble contraste de guitarras eléctricas con efectos y voces femeninas infantiles. Sonido de másters, notas y fotos.

100% Peruvian psychedelic chicha from 1984!

The nickname is superb, as unappealable: The University of Chicha. It is not an exaggeration that, 32 years after the release of Pinceladas Musicales, their second LP, the cumbia band Pintura Roja continues to be recognized as a monumental institution in the history of Peruvian music. Since its foundation in 1984, Pintura Roja has served as the quarry of the greatest exponents of «chicha» music, cultivating in the classrooms of its academy artists like Princesita Mily, considered one of the first women to integrate a chicha band, and Muñequita Sally, the disappeared queen of Andean folk, in addition to the legendary vocalist Toño Centella and the remembered Jhonny Orosco, founder of Grupo Néctar.

Pintura Roja is revolution, innovation, success. It is a commitment to originality, as well as a history of defections and tragedies. But above all, Pintura Roja is Alejandro Zárate Espinoza, its founder, director, composer and lead guitarist. He is «The Gentleman of Cumbia».

A1 El Teléfono
A2 Sola
A3 Petiso
A4 Te Olvidaste de Mi
A5 Recuerdos
B1 Oh Virgen María
B2 Padre Olvidado
B3 El Chinito N°2
B4 Ayúdame Tú
B5 Pinceladas Musicales