PROGRESIV TM – Dreptul de a Visa (LP,RE Granadilla Music 1976,2014)



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Formados en Rumania, Progresiv TM no son quizá tan conocidos como otras bandas del bloque post telón. En éste su primer disco son patentes las influencias de Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Golden Earring u Omega entre otros. Más que una máquina de quemar queroseno de otras bandas 70s, su música recuerda a la elegancia pero potente fuerza de los trenes a vapor, acelera bien en las rectas y toma las curvas con pausa. Un discazo oigan!

The 70s were the decade of progressive rock music of all calibers. And it seems not one country of this world was spared when the new kind of sound spilled over like a giant wave of inspiration. Even the European Eastern Block countries where rock music was regarded as subversive by the authorities had their share of rock bands with a hippie, heavy or freaked out direction. We recall Omega from Hungary, SBB from Poland or Modry Efekt from the Czech Republic and of course Phoenix from Romania. The latter were the biggest rock music export of their home country but there were others with them building a solid spine for the still young and expanding rock scene. One of these nowadays rather unknown forces was Progresiv TM, a band not to categorize too easily. They loved big melodies with a yearning approach for the vocals, mixed up blues, folk, jazz and playfully twisted rock patterns. The guitar had a scratchy and fuzzy distortion that came close to what Tony Iommi ripped off his fretboard on the very early Sabbath albums even when the composition itself rather felt like a relaxed and jazzy ballad. What you get here on this debut album released in 1976 is a really captivating, well produced and even better played piece of rock music combining influences from everything that was cool at the time the band was formed, around 1972. Folky and catchy heavy rock like Golden Earring or Jethro Tull, dreamy Eastern rock like Omega and Phoenix, utterly grinding guitar power like early Black Sabbath and some wicked progressive freakouts along with jazzy breaks. If you are looking for a hot blooded and steaming, yet relaxed unique rock album from the 70s and can get along well with a band singing in its native tongue rather than English, grab this masterpiece.

A1 Omul E Valul
A2 Nimeni Nu E Singur
A3 Ru?inea Soarelui
A4 Clepsidra
B1 Odata Doar Vei Rasari
B2 Va Cadea O Stea
B3a Dreptul De A Visa
B3b Poetul Devenirii Noastre