RANDY HOLDEN – Population II (LP, RE Lucky Pigs 1970,2016)



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Randy Holden (Nicknamed Guitar God.) is a guitarist known for his tenure with several 1960s surf and psychedelic rock bands, including short stints with The Other Half and Blue Cheer. Following release of the cult power duo album Population II (Which some have cited as an early example of doom metal.) he stepped away from music for years, working in various other careers including painting. Holden would return to music in the 1990s, creating new music under his own «Guitar God» label and occasionally performing live.

Lista de Títulos
A1 Guitar Song 6:06
A2 Fruit & Iceburgs 5:59
A3 Between Time 1:48
A4 Fruit & Iceburgs (Conclusion) 1:48
A5 Dark Eyes (Part 1) (Bonus Track) 5:08
B1 Blue My Mind 6:01
B2 Keeper Of My Flame 10:05
B3 Dark Eyes (Part 2) (Bonus Track) 5:07