RECREATION – Music Or Not Music (LP, RE Lucky Pigs 1972,2016)



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This early 70’s Belgian trio is one of the best-kept secrets from Belgium, but I am determined to shed a bit more light on them. This instrumental KB-led trio is completely different from the usual ELP clichés that one might have. They took their name from the 10AM and 2PM breaks that allow kids to roam and play on the school grounds. Jean-Jacques Falaise is clearly the leader of the trio and his KB abilities shine throughout their two albums, but he also plays a competent guitar. Francis Lonneux is the drummer and Jean-Paul Vanden Bossche is the bassist and clearly these guys had decided to include humour in their music, something that is quite common among Belgian bands. As mentioned before the music is not like ELP, but instead draws heavily from Jazz, classics but also many different other sources.
A1 Music Against Music 1:59
A2 Music For Your Dog 2:25
A3 The Night Was Clear, The Moon Was Yellow 0:12
A4 Where Is The Bar, Clay? 2:11
A5 Caligula’s Suite In Horror Minor 1:37
A6 My Grandmother Likes Andy Williams,Too 2:20
A7 We Don’t Like It Either 0:46
A8 Last Train To Rhythmania 5:06
A9 …And The Producer Got Mad 2:44
B1 Glove Story 2:33
B2 Laughin’ People – Meanwhile: Starvin’ Children 1:30
B3 Nothing’s Holy 5:26
B4 Concerto For Elevator 2:20
B5 War Business Is A Good Job 5:12
B6 To End Or Not To End 1:18