SOFT HEARTED SCIENTISTS – Take Time to Wander in a Whirling World (LP+CD You Are The Cosmos 2007,2018)


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The music mixes psychedelia with baroque touches, and analogue electronics and seeks to create the same confusion of the senses that a prime Beach Boys track does. Is it summer or is it Christmas? Neither. Its both simultaneously. The lyrics walk the dark side of Sunny Psychedelia Street and know that all is not well with the world. Burning effigies and suicidal Ice Road Truckers all feature.

A1 The A470 Song
A2 I Wanted You
A3 Light Years To Nothing
A5 Siberia
A6 Meet Me At the Milky Way
B1 Rockfords Return
B2 Eyes
B3 I’ll Be Happy, I’ll Be Sleeping
B4 Hawthorn
B5 Drops in the Ocean