SPOILS OF WAR, THE – Spoils of War (2LP+EP,GF Wah Wah 2015)



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Todas las grabaciones del oscuro grupo americano, que en su día sólo publicó dos esquivos EPs. Presentación de lujo que incluye una repro de su primer EP.

The S.O.W. sound was an intelligent mixture of late sixties acid psych with electronic experimentation -in a similar way to what Joe Byrd was producing with The United States Of America or Cork Marcheski would explore with 50 Foot Hose- plus there’s some very imaginative songs here that could put the band in the same league Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention were playing. Exciting computer generated sounds mix into a cool psychedelic rock background. It is one of the early pioneering experiments of electronic music and drones on a rock band, made at a time when programming computer sounds was really an adventure, since electronic music was still a burgeoning phenomenon