SWAMPS, THE – Rockin’ Mess (LP Groovie 2016)


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Featuring plenty of fucked up solos and sounding delightfully off tempo and off beat, this band comes across as the Japanese equivalent of The Gories, with a bit of Cramps thrown in for good measure. Indeed, The Swamps turned this full-length into a genuine ‘Rockin’ Mess!!!’. The Swamps’ sound is vintage and very much now at the same time!

1. Swamp Rism
2. Thirty One I Scream
3. Short Shirts
4. H.A.T.E
5. God Bless You!
6. Round and Round
7. Aint Love Me Baby
8. Rockin’ Die!
9. Ass Holes
10. Acid Wray Men
11. Smokestack Lightnin