THEM – Again (LP,RE Decca 1966,2019)



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Formed : 1963 // Belfast, United Kingdom
Disbanded : 1973
Reunion: 1978-1979
Members :
Van Morrison (vocals, harmonica, saxophone, 1964-66), Alan Henderson (4) (bass), Billy Harrison (guitar, vocals, 1964-65, 1979), Ronnie Millings (drums, 1964), Eric Wrixon (piano, 1964, 1979), Pat McAuley (organ, drums, 1964-65), Jackie McAuley (organ, 1965), Pete Bardens (keyboards, 1965), Joe Boni (guitar, 1965), Terry Noone (drums, 1965), Jim Armstrong (guitar, 1965-69), John Wilson (drums, 1965-66), Dave Harvey (drums, 1966), Ken McDowell (vocals, 1967-69), Mel Austin (vocals, 1979), Billy Bell (drums, 1979), Ray Elliott (organ, sax, flute, 1966-1968), Jerry Cole (vocals, guitar, percussion, 1969-70), Johnny Stark (vocals, drums, 1969-1973), Jim Parker (guitar, 1971-1973)
Lista de Títulos
Could You Would You
Something You Got
Call My Name
Turn On Your Love Light
I Put A Spell On You
I Can Only Give You Everything
My Lonely Sad Eyes
I Got A Woman
Out Of Sight
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
Bad Or Good
How Long Baby
Hello Josephine
Don’t You Know
Hey Girl
Bring ‘Em On In


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