TREE – Tree (LP,GF Altercat 2015)



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Debut album by outstanding psych outfit from Israel — TREE formed out in the countryside, growing up in a Kibbutz. Drinking directly from the magic potion of the 60s US West Coast without forgetting their Middle Eastern roots, TREE move crowds in their native land where they’ve supported legends by the likes of Ray Manzarek of The Doors or Can’s Damo Suzuki.

TREE came to life in 2005, as four young musicians gathered up from the Israeli country side, growing up in a Kibbutz, TREE started its way as a mostly jam based band, gathering more original materials and still holding to the that spirit, thus presenting the group you’ll hear & see today. 2005 was a while ago, TREE has rooted itself widely through Israel, also making it’s way overseas, their powerful sound and live performances gave the band the status of a rock movement with Deep Musical roots. TREE is a familiar Sound, with a new artistic statement.

TREE has set a reputation of never playing the same show twice, with their ever-growing circle of followers attending to every performance, the crowd knows to expect the unexpected.