VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO – Velvet Underground & Nico (LP,GF,RE Vinyl Lovers 1966, 2008)



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Historical info: The actor Eric Emerson (2) protagonist of some multimedia films projected behind the group during the EPI, filed a lawsuit against the record label for the non-payment of the rights regarding his image that can be seen upside down on the back cover of the first version. So between March and April 1967 the album was suddenly withdrawn from trade and shops. After a few months, the album was redistributed in a few copies with a huge sticker that covered the top of the offending photo and that you can see in this release.

Lista de Títulos
Sunday Morning 2:53
I’m Waiting For The Man 4:37
Femme Fatale 2:35
Venus In Furs 5:07
Run Run Run 4:18
All Tomorrow’s Parties 5:55
Heroin 7:05
There She Goes Again 2:30
I’ll Be Your Mirror 2:01
The Black Angel’s Death Song 3:10
European Son 7:40