VVAA – Back From The Grave Volume 7 (2LP,GF Crypt 2013)



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Nueva edición remasterizada con carpeta abierta y fotos y notas interiores ambas actualizadas.

32 blastin’ cuts of ultimate wailing 60s punk INSANITY! REMASTERED and in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with updated linernotes and photos!

A1 The Syndicate – The Egyptian Thing
A2 The Tombstones – I Want You
A3 The Moguls – Another Day
A4 The Puddin’ Heads – Now You Say We’re Through
A5 Jim Whelan & The Beau Havens – Elizabeth
A6 The Worlocks – I Love You
A7 The Hush Puppies – Look For Another Love
A8 The Bugs – Slide
B1 The Gentrys – Wild
B2 The Syndicate – My Baby’s Barefoot
B3 The Hush Puppies – Hey, Stop Messin’ Around
B4 The Cliques – So Hard
B5 The Heathens – The Other Way Around
B6 Beep Beep & The Roadrunners – True Love Knows
B7 The Snails – Snails’ Love Theme
B8 Mike’s Messengers – Gone And Left Me
C1 The Mustangs – That’s For Sure
C2 Tyme – Land Of 1000 Dances
C3 The Noblemen – Short Time
C4 Invasion – Do You Like What You See?
C5 The Travel Agency – Jailbait
C6 The Ron-De-Voos – The Maid
C7 It’s Us – Don’t Want Your Lovin’
C8 Half-Pint & The Fifths – Orphan Boy
D1 The Spiders – Don’t Blow Your Mind
D2 The Grifs – Keep Dreamin’
D3 The Retreds – Black Mona Lisa
D4 The Mystic Five – Are You For Real, Girl?
D5 The Bends – It It’s All The Same To You
D6 The Cavaliers – Seven Days Of Cryin’
D7 The Hides – Don’t Be Difficult
D8 Ty Wagner – Slander