VVAA – Last of The Garage Punk Unknowns Volume 3 (LP,GF Crypt 2015)


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17 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk aceness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. (NOTE: This is an entirely NEW series and NONE of these tracks were on the old series “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS”).

American Teenage Garage Hoot! 1965-1967

A1 Shade, The – All Is Gone –
A2 Young Strangers, The – She’s Gone –
A3 Rogues, The – Opportunity –
A4 Tempos, The – All That I Really Want –
A5 In-Set, The – They Say –
A6 Skip Ellis – Ice Cube Girl –
A7 Fathoms, The – Down To The Sea –
A8 Torques, The – It’s Me Not You –
A9 Kinetics, The – Little Girl –
B1 Apollo’s Apaches – Boss (Be Good To Me) –
B2 Vespers, The – Will She Love Me –
B3 Impalas, The – Mass Confusion –
B4 Poverty Five, The – Just Like Me
B5 Eddie Day And Night Timers, The – How To Be A Musician –
B6 Edges Of Wisdom – That Lonely Road –
B7 Herd, The – Things Won’t Change –
B8 ThisIsIt – Needles And Nightmares