VVAA – Last of The Garage Punk Unknowns Volume 7 (LP,GF Crypt 2016)



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15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA MISERY – garage punk SADness in GATEFOLD SLEEVED luxury PLUS INNER SLEEVE with liner notes, band photos, label scans. (NOTE: This is an entirely NEW series and NONE of these tracks were on the old series “GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS”).

A1 The Nomads – Time Remains
A2 The Pulsating Heartbeats – Anne
A3 The Gremlins – Everybody Needs A Love
A4 The Last Image – She’s On My Mind
A5 The Plastic Menagerie – Tryin’ To Come Back
A6 The Glas Menagerie – Natasha
A7 The French Church – Without Crying
A8 Prince And The Paupers – What More Can I Say
B1 The King’s Ransom – Without You
B2 The Time Takers – Don’t Turn Away
B3 The Stratacasters – Can’t Go On Without You
B4 The Pastels – What Can I Say?
B5 The Shakles – Just Looking For You
B6 The Scurvy Knaves – Gypsy Baby
B7 The New Rumley Invincibles – Living With The Birds