ZIOR – Every Inch A Man (LP, RE Trading Places 1973,2020)



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The band was active in the late seventies and it’s best known for its outrageous Black Magic stage act which enthralled the London clubs of that era. Zior’s first album sleeve was designed by Keith McMillan who also designed the Black Sabbath album; both are now landmarks in the album cover world. The band also released a second album called ‘Monument’. This was recorded under another name but it was still laid down by the same Zior musicians.

Lista de Títulos
Entrance Of The Devil 2:10
The Chicago Spine 4:10
Have You Heard The Wind Speak 3:10
Time Is The Reason 2:44
She’ll Take You Down 3:45
Dudi Judy 2:50
Strange Kind Of Magic 3:21
Ride Me Baby 1:55
Evolution 3:55
Every Inch A Man 4:35
Cat’s Eyes 3:20
Suspended Animation 3:15
Angel Of The Highway 5:55