GURNEMANZ – Spielmannskinder ( LP, RE Missing Vinyl 1975, 2012)


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German folk-rock band with a slight tendency to progressive arrangements. They privately released two (now extremely rare) albums in 1975 and 1976, before being picked up by a ”real” record label, who reissued the second ”No Rays Of Noise” in 1978.

Lista de Títulos
A1 Ein Schoner Bremberger
A2 Don’t Ask
A3 Feder Mikel / Fytur
A4 Left Behind
A5 The Cruel Knight
A6 Pappilan Pellola
A7 Das Entweihte Nonnekloster
B1 Koko Maailman Valssi/Kalamiehen Polka/Krakoviak
B2 Der Eifersuechtige Knabe
B3 Somehow
B4 Annabel Lee
B5 Das Juengste Schwesterlein
B6 Rheinlander/Landler
B7 Der Spielmannssohn


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