IT -» Viaje» Musica Electronica Libre (LP,GF,RE Survival Research 1976,2019)



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Cult, obscure 1976 proto-electronics masterpiece ‘Viaje’ is a purely brain frying avant garde flipout from the electroacoustic musicians Eduardo Polonio and Horacio Vaggione (probably most known for his album on Cramps ‘Nova Musicha’ series). Together, they deploy synths, electric guitars, organs and bass and squash them all up together in sundry sense befouling ways. On the A side, they’re tangled into an overpowering threshing machine of spitting electronic mayhem, while the B side moves the proceedings into overtly acidy territory, everything ratcheting down and expanding outward into a delirious psychedelic electronic whirlpool. Quoting Keith Fullerton Whitman «Predating the latter’s canonic Cramps-label debut “La Maquina Del Cantar” by a couple of years, this is miles away from the controlled generative transfixiations of said, instead figuring around the more iterative synthesizer, organ, guitar, and bass basheries laid down by the pair & post-processed heavily into something more in line w/ the best of Krautrock’s studio-excesses (Günter Schickert’s less rhythmically conservative work & the more outré Faust experiments come to mind, but there are also sections that are heavily reminiscent of Seeselberg, Anar Band, & even some of Schnitzler’s early solo outings) …Unbelievably great, one of the (unheralded) missing links in the Electronic-Psych canon, brought out into the open after remaining a (well-guarded, I’d literally never heard of this until now) secret.»
Beautiful gatefold cover reproducing the original artwork

Lista de Títulos
A1 1º 10:12
A2 2º 12:35
B 3º 21:55