OS MUNDI – Latin Mass ( LP,RE Missing Vinyl 1970, 2014)


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Os Mundi are one of the most important key bands of the early Berlin Krautrock scene. They were rooted in the bands: Safebreakers (1962+) and Orange Surprise, changing into Os Mundi circa 1969/70. The band’s initials OS gave rise to the name Os Mundi, Latin for “The World” – apt when their debut LP was called “A Latin Mass”.
Os Mundi played heavy psychedelic prog moving onto more fusion realms with their second LP. A third album was never properly completed, although the band did exist on and off until 1980. In addition to 2 classic LP’s and an archive CD, unreleased live recordings also exist from 1972 and 1979.
Undocumented members include: Steve Jolliffe in an early line-up (before Steamhammer and Tangerine Dream), Ute Kannenberg from Metropolis, and Agitation Free main-man Michael Günther was in later incarnations.
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Credo I
Credo II
Agnus Dei


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